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How a Strangely-Shaped Cheeto Won a Canadian Couple $27,000

Fires, shootings, assaults. These have been the subjects of national news headlines in Canada during the past few months and it’s enough to make anyone feel down in the dumps and pessimistic. With all the doom and gloom, we need to appreciate the little things that make us smile, like

If Your Outfits Don’t Match Are You Even Dating?

Matching as a couple is this year’s coolest fashion statement, an old school form of affection for one culture, and a possible subconscious act for you. Ever since Britney and Justin brought #CoupleGoals to life at the 2001 American Music Awards with their over-the-top matching jean on jean ensemble, coordinating with your partner

Here’s Exactly What You Need to Do to Get a Second Date

Ah, the elusive second date. Sometimes you got out for drinks with a prospective suitor, feel that unmistakable chemistry, but then, for some reason, they fall off the face of the earth and you never hear from them again. So, what gives? Fortunately, dating app Coffee Meets Bagel feels our

This is How You Can Actually Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

You’ve heard it all before – absence makes the heart grow fonder. But sometimes, if you’re on the unlucky side of the spectrum, absence makes the heart shrivel up, turn away, get a makeover, and screw someone else. Making that distance work (and really work, to the point where you’re