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Here’s Exactly What You Need to Do to Get a Second Date

Ah, the elusive second date.

Sometimes you got out for drinks with a prospective suitor, feel that unmistakable chemistry, but then, for some reason, they fall off the face of the earth and you never hear from them again.

So, what gives? Fortunately, dating app Coffee Meets Bagel feels our collective pain and decided to dig a little deeper into the issue. They surveyed over 1,000 couples who met on their app to figure out what makes a first date worthy of a second meeting. They also surveyed 6,000 singles to get more insight.

While the study came up with nine different research-backed tips for landing a second date, if you want the tl;dr version, here it is: don’t play hard to get.

Talking or texting right after the date and planning your next rendezvous as soon as possible were both key factors that lead to second dates for the majority of couples.

For the whole list, check out the handy-dandy infographic below.


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