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Photoshoppers Are Having a Field Day With This Picture of a Bored Couple at a State Fair

As a twenty-something, I feel it’s become pretty natural to be a little self-conscious when you’re on your phone in public places, especially if you’re with friends or an S.O.

We’ve heard it all: millennials are self-obsessed, social media addicted, more into our phones than the people around us. And while we know that these accusations are totally bogus, that doesn’t mean we don’t still have them on the back of our mind.

For example, over the long weekend, I went on a road trip to Chicago with a couple of friends. One night, when we were out for dinner, all four of us were on our phones completely ignoring each other. Now, there were two simple reasons for this: we were in the States, so internet access was pretty much restricted to free public Wifi; and after spending over two days constantly in each other’s company, we needed a bit of breather.

But, as my friend pointed out, we were very much aware of how much we embodied the typical “smartphone-obsessed millennial” stereotype.

Fortunately for us, there was nobody around to take our picture and post it to reddit for the entire internet to see.

A young couple attending the Minnesota State Gair wasn’t so lucky.

Image: derekzimm / Reddit

As you can see in the picture, the two look totally disinterested in one another.

The woman is on her phone and the man has an expression that seems to convey that he’d rather be anywhere else than on some rinky-dink fair ride.

Who knows if this is an accurate depiction of their time at the fair or just an inopportune moment. Whatever the case may be, once the pic was uploaded to reddit, it was photoshopped to oblivion.

And the results are epic.

Image: Shell_Execute / Reddit
Image: Datagod / Reddit
Image: Community-Stalker / Reddit

You can check out the rest of the hilarious thread here. As for the couple, I can only hope they enjoy these photoshop creations at least a little more than their time at the fair.


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