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8 Reasons to Fall in Love This Fall

Fall is a serious season. So get ready to say goodbye to easy summer flings and fall hard in love instead. In case your cynical (or still suffering from a sun burn), here are 8 reasons that should have you signing up for Tinder in no time

Valentine’s Day Advice From the POLO Red Romance Pros: Part Three

Guillaume de Lesquen, President, worldwide, of Ralph Lauren Fragrances, lets us in on his insights as to what makes the power of scent so romantic and sexual, why it makes a great gift (pay attention if you’re still empty-handed today), and the best way for singles to celebrate V-Day

Valentine’s Day Advice From the POLO Red Romance Pros: Part One

Nacho Figueras and Delfina Blaquier are the type of envy-inducing couple that is almost too perfect to be true. Just in time for Valentines Day, we caught up with Blaquier to hear her thoughts on love, romance and what women really want on that love/hate holiday known affectionately as V-Day…

A Couple’s Take: Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl

It has always been said that spending enough time with someone provokes you to adopt their mannerisms, figure of speech and even their style. Coordinating ensembles with your partner can be corny if gone overboard, but subtly synchronizing your look with theirs can turn your lover into your finest accessory

La date d’expiration d’un couple

La société nous dicte qu’une relation réussie en est une qui dure pour la vie, ce qui en d’autres mots veut dire, que toute autre relation est un échec. Et pourquoi ne pas reconnaître qu’une relation puisse tout de même être un succès même si elle ne dure pas toute la vie? Serions-nous prêts à accepter la notion selon laquelle certaines relations, tels le lait et le pain, ont une date d’expiration