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Toronto is About to Get Twice As Many Public Bikes and Stations

If the Toronto traffic has you anxious, you curse the TTC on the regular, and could use a little more exercise, you’ll be happy to know that cycling around the city will get a lot easier come Monday, July 11.

A Bike Share expansion will add 120 new stations and 1,000 new bikes to the city’s streets – doubling the current number of bicycles and stations. The move will also see Bike Share racks pop up in new areas of the city, like Liberty Village, Main Station, and Dundas West station.

The Toronto Parking Authority (TPA), which runs the Bike Share program, and Metrolinx have teamed up to oversee a $4.9 million expansion.

“To be able to put stations in places like Liberty Village for residents to be able to use, both in the village and also to travel to downtown, I think will really help to shorten trips,” said Marie Casista, the Toronto Parking Authority’s vice president of real estate.

Anyone who has experienced the maddening traffic in and out of Liberty Village knows that these will probably go over well.

She said that they would consider opening more stations throughout the GTA should the demand continue to grow. “We’re looking at pilot projects now, so it will probably be sometime next year before we get something off the ground,” she said.

TPA took over the city’s Bike Share program in December 2013 after Montreal-based company Bixi went bankrupt. It now has 40,000 members and 35,000 casual users annually.

If you have a valid PRESTO card, you are eligible for 50 per cent off your first-year membership.


Erin Davis

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