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What it’s Like to Be a Black Female Doctor in Canada

From downplaying what she calls her “stereotypical disadvantaged upbringing” and perpetuating her own tokenism to fit in, to finally embracing her natural hair at the end of medical school, Dr. Teela Johnson’s impressive credentials come with a powerful backstory. It’s one of incredible resilience and an unwavering work ethic. As

An Inside Look at Everything #New at Twitter

Twitter is a “water cooler, comedy club, and sports bar” all in one, said Twitter Canada’s managing director Paul Burns during Thursday’s virtual Twitter Canada Q2 Press Preview. At a time when Canadians collectively miss and crave the sense of community offered by all three things, Twitter remains as relevant

10 Social Media Accounts to Follow For Empowering Black Voices

If there was ever a time to add impactful and empowering Black voices to your social media feed, it’s right now (actually, it was long before now). This is especially true for non-Black people who are looking to learn and listen – as so many have publicly pledged to do

Will COVID-19 Ruin the Instagram Star?

For the better part of the past decade, the term “influencer” has been common – perhaps even overused – in everything from marketing and public relations strategies, to personally curated social media worlds. The life of an influencer – especially a travel influencer – seems like a dream come true

Are You Taking the Digital Party too Far?

Despite remaining cooped up at home, many millennials are seeing more of their friends than they did in the pre-COVID-19 era, thanks to digital parties facilitated by platforms like Zoom and the increasingly popular Houseparty app. Video calls and digital gatherings are one of the (admittedly few) silver linings in