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The Simpsons Will Portray Justin Trudeau in This Week’s Episode

Most Canadians will remember the last time our country played a starring role in The Simpsons.

The episode sees Bart travel to squeaky-clean Toronto to pursue his crush, Greta Wolfcastle, who is in town to accompany her father while he stars in a new film produced by Paramountie Studios. There is the scene where Bart and Milhouse duke it out at a curling rink – two young Yankee Doodles turning the match into a dandy. Then they join the Canadian basketball team because it’s apparently a walk-on. Wolfgang Puck is in the episode for some reason. So is Rush, which makes more sense.

Anyway, Canada will be front and centre again this Sunday, when the latest Simpsons episode airs.

Entitled “D’oh, Canada,” a caricature of Justin Trudeau will make an appearance in the episode. He will be voiced by Toronto journalist Lucas Meyer after the PM’s office “respectfully declined” an invitation to have Trudeau voice his own character.

Meyer was granted the role after a casting producer discovered a video of him doing impressions of various personalities that included Trudeau. Check it out (starts at 0:39):

The plot for the episode revolved around Lisa Simpson mistakenly gaining political asylum in Canada while on a family vacation in Niagara Falls. According to Tim Long, a Canadian producer for the show, “there may be mention of a current scandal” concerning the Prime Minister. How they’ll manage to joke about a domestic matter that barely anyone understands remains to be seen.

The episode airs on Citytv in Canada on Sunday, April 28th at 8:00pm EDT.

Christian Nathler

Christian Nathler is a contributing writer at Notable Life.