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Budweiser, Coke, and Audi decide to bench Super Bowl ads this year

Some of the world’s biggest brands are sitting out this year. Budweiser, Coke, Pepsi, Audi, and Avocados from Mexico have all decided not to air commercials during Super Bowl LV (no, Louis Vuitton did not sponsor this year’s game), which kicks off on February 8th. The decision basically comes down to: it’s a sensitive time, moods are down, maybe pushing products isn’t in great taste. It is the first time that Budweiser has not aired a commercial during America’s most-watched annual television event.

More than half of all cars sold in Norway last year are electric

Norway achieved a world first in 2020 when it became the first country in which more than half of all cars sold were battery-powered. In 2019, battery electric vehicles (BEVs) comprised 42.4% of all new cars sold in the Nordic country. That number jumped to 54.3% last year. In December,

Make sure to put aside an extra $700 for food this year

One of the greatest banes of our generation is that wages aren’t keeping up with inflation. Adding insult to injury, the price of food is increasing at a higher rate than inflation. According to Canada’s Food Price Report 2021, Canadians should expect to pay three to five per cent more

Should repeat distracted drivers have their phones seized?

Smartphones are increasingly an extension of our flesh and soul. For all the good of becoming one with technology, there is also plenty of bad. Namely, distracted driving. About 26% of all car crashes involve phone use. But it isn’t just phones that lead to distractions behind the wheel. Canadians

UK battles obesity by banning junk snacks from supermarket checkouts

The United Kingdom is launching an all-out offensive against obesity. The battle begins by banning the display of unhealthy food and drinks at supermarket checkouts. Any parent who’s ever walked their child past a rack of chocolate bars will be stoked. Furthermore, junk items can’t be included in buy one,