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Donald Trump Has Done Something Very Positive for Cape Breton

They call it the ‘Trump Bump’. And no, it’s not that lump of digested matter making its way upstream every time you remember that this photo exists. We’re talking about Drumpf‘s uncanny ability to make people pay attention to anything even loosely associated with him. Like Cape Breton, for example. As you may

How Canadians Would React if Donald Trump Ran for Office in Canada

Despite Hilary Clinton becoming the first woman in history to be elected the Democratic presidential nominee, the 2016 election has focused largely on another individual. Donald Drumpf. And while many had assumed his campaign would be a flash in the pan, and that given enough rope his ludicrous commentary would ultimately

The Weeknd and Belly Cancel Jimmy Kimmel Show Over Donald Trump Appearance

Two-time Grammy winner and Toronto native Abel Tesfaye – known to you as The Weeknd and, on weekends, as the guy who sings ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ – backed out of their scheduled performances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night after finding out Donald Trump would appear in the episode. The move came on the day Trump all

This Dating Site Helps Americans Running Away From Trump Find a Canadian Match

What once presumably began as the ultimate publicity stunt (or perhaps a lost bet) has now snowballed into the realms of deadly seriousness. Donald Trump, the joke that is suddenly not so funny anymore, is running for the Republican nomination with absolutely no opposition. And once again, scared Americans are