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Politics #Meh: 3 Things We Are All Thankful For

It was an interesting day in history. #understatement The 45th President of the United States woke up in the White House and millions of women around the world united in one the biggest showcasing of solidarity since the 1970s. Add to that the usual Canadian news stories (housing market, gas prices,

The Six Most Important Takeaways From the Enormity of the Women’s March

The Women’s March completely dominated both headlines and news feeds all day yesterday – and continues to today. It’s literally everywhere. It began as The Women’s March on Washington and became something much, much bigger than America’s capital, uniting more than 2 million passionate protestors of all races, ages and

Canadian Embassy Will Celebrate Trump’s Inauguration With Poutine and Tim Hortons

The Canadian Embassy in Washington will be throwing an exclusive party this Friday to ring in the Trump era. It will, of course, feature plenty of Canadiana cuisine and refreshments, including poutine, British Columbia salmon, Canadian beef, tourtière, and, reportedly but not confirmed, Tim Hortons beverages. Outdoing Barack Obama’s tailgate at the

A Record Number of American Refugees Are Fleeing to Canada

We joked about it over and over again, but it’s actually happening – American refugees are fleeing to Canada in record numbers. According to Radio Canada, the RCMP has detained 823 Americans illegally crossing the border into Quebec so far in 2016. That number was just 166 in 2014, and 315

You Can Boycott All Businesses Connected to Trump With This Handy App

In the run-up to and subsequent election, we saw that there is nothing that can hurt Donald Trump. The only things that really hinder him, it seems, are hits to his wallet and ego. Accepting his Presidency is compulsory, but that doesn’t mean you have to feed the two things