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Did We Get a Step Closer to Trump’s Impeachment Yesterday?

Every day invites a new opportunity to be alarmed by the Orange Man in the White House. The past week alone has seen Donald Trump take enough objectionable actions to cover all synonyms of the word ‘appalling’. It would seem odd to hope things get worse, but that might just

Michael Moore Is Making A Powerful Documentary To Take Down Trump

Michael Moore, Academy Award winning director known for his left leaning films is in the process of making a new documentary entitled Fahrenheit 11/9 – a reference to the day U.S. President Donald Trump won the election and callback to an earlier film of his called Fahrenheit 9/11. Moore is

How Melania Trump is Earning Every Cent of Her Money-Filled Marriage

On paper, she has the life that some (note: some) women daydream about: beauty, glam, access, fame and a really, really rich husband. But I know that I’m not the only one who would hate to be in Melania Trump’s (designer) shoes right now – regardless of your political stance.