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Kayak is Giving Away One-Way Plane Tickets to Canada for Americans Looking to Escape Trump

Trump may have won Super Tuesday – but he could lose a number of American citizens in the process.

The Google Search ‘How Can I Move to Canada?’ rose by 1000 per cent by midnight on Tuesday, after the wigged-one dominated the field, winning seven states.

So comparison travel search engine Kayak has come to the aid of our beleaguered neighbours to the South by offering them an opportunity to escape.

Kayak is giving away $250 towards a one-way flight to Canada to ten Americans desperate to pack their bags and escape the Presidential election and a potential Donald Trump POTUS situation.

The “Sweepstakes” is only open to legal residents of the United States who have until March 4 to win by retweeting the hashtag, #1WaytoCanada on their twitter.

The prize does not stipulate where in Canada Americans should travel to – so if winners don’t feel like heading to Cape Breton, a much touted new home for those fleeing, there are plenty of options open to them.

But here are a few things they should know about Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver before moving there.

So until America is great again, you can hang out here and watch from a distance.

We’ll get the popcorn and our 1812 muskets.


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