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Canadian Embassy Will Celebrate Trump’s Inauguration With Poutine and Tim Hortons

The Canadian Embassy in Washington will be throwing an exclusive party this Friday to ring in the Trump era.

It will, of course, feature plenty of Canadiana cuisine and refreshments, including poutine, British Columbia salmon, Canadian beef, tourtière, and, reportedly but not confirmed, Tim Hortons beverages.

Outdoing Barack Obama’s tailgate at the Canadian Embassy in 2013, when he was elected to his second term, will be tough. That rendition featured Molson beer, Crown Royal whisky, and BeaverTails and, again, Tim Hortons coffee.

Up to 1,800 guests are expected to show up for the fest, including some major names in business and politics. Oh, and Newt Gingrich, who never misses a buffet-style, open bar inauguration party (he’s been to three in a row).

It won’t all be fun and games, though.

“Hosting an event at our embassy gives Canada an excellent opportunity to welcome important guests, further build on our relationships and continue to advance Canada’s interests in the United States,” said embassy spokeswoman Christine Constantin.

You know, schmoozing, favours, and all that fun stuff.

Guestlist only, 18+.


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