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6 Times Lena Dunham Has Challenged the Accepted Stereotype of Beauty

Whether she’s walking around practically naked in her hit HBO show or shamelessly rocking bikinis in Instagram shots, Lena Dunham has absolutely no problem with showing a little skin and embracing her curves. The 30-year-old Girls star and co-creator is of Hollywood’s leading ladies when it comes to promoting body positivity.

Employees Hilariously Photoshop Their CEO After He Falls Asleep at Work

You’ve probably fallen asleep at the office at one point or another. And whether you snoozed off for just a nanosecond or took a full-blown doze at your desk (like this sleepy intern), you no doubt did a quick look around after to check that your boss wasn’t in the vicinity.

The TTC Photoshopped a Female Worker Into a Poster After Receiving Complaints

For once, the TTC is doing something right (albeit a bit of a backpedal). In response to complaints about gender inequality, the city’s transit system we all love to hate has quietly updated their “Emergency Alarm” campaign poster. In case you haven’t noticed on your daily commute, a photoshopped female officer