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Photographer Uses Dramatic Before and After Shots to Reveal the Power of Photoshop

These days, your Photoshop skills are just as important as your photo-taking abilities when it comes to producing that attention-grabbing shot. In fact, some pictures are only made interesting at all thanks to the help of the photo-editing tool. To highlight the ability of Photoshop to dramatically alter a picture, internationally

Maxim Under Social Media Scrutiny for Photoshopping Ashley Graham’s Cover

In the latest body positivity movement news, Maxim magazine is under attack by the social media jury for a photo of plus-size “it” model Ashley Graham. Graham appears naked on the cover of Maxim’s April issue covered by nothing but a white button-down shirt she’s holding. And she looks amazing

The Skinny on Fat Shaming: It’s Getting Out of Hand…and Really Old

Despite the widespread embrace of fuller figured females in everything from Fashion Week runways to the pages of Sports Illustrated, fat shaming is becoming a lot more than a buzz term. It’s happening as we speak. Apparently, it turns out that not everyone is happy to jump on the whole