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The TTC Photoshopped a Female Worker Into a Poster After Receiving Complaints

For once, the TTC is doing something right (albeit a bit of a backpedal).

In response to complaints about gender inequality, the city’s transit system we all love to hate has quietly updated their “Emergency Alarm” campaign poster.

In case you haven’t noticed on your daily commute, a photoshopped female officer has now replaced a male officer.

The original poster – launched back in November 2014 before “gender equality” was as much of a buzz term and dominant subject of newsfeeds – featured Toronto Police media officer Const. Victor Kwong with a male firefighter and male paramedic. The recent edit now features Const. Jenniferjit Sidhu in Kwong’s spot on all campaign posters.

“We received many concerns about the lack of diversity on the poster,” TTC spokesperson Brad Ross told the Toronto Star. “We totally agreed with the disappointment the people expressed, and chose to make this change.”

As the Star reports, Ross also said that the original campaign photoshoot was supposed to include a female firefighter but she was unable to make the shoot last minute.

Now, if they could only update the quality of the service as well…

TTC, toronto, female worker
Photo: TTC
TTC, toronto, female worker
Photo: TTC


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