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4 Tips To Creating A Perfect Bubbly Brunch for Your Girls this Galentine’s Day

For better or worse, February has historically been known as the month for romance. But thanks to Parks and Recreation and to a rising culture that celebrates types of love beyond affection shared between twosomes, February isn’t just for lovers anymore. There are so many wonderful reasons to celebrate Galentine’s Day.

What It’s Really Like To Cut Off A Long Term Friend

Everyone has that one friend in their group that just doesn’t click. Maybe they’re a little rude or short. Maybe they’re constantly talking about themselves. Maybe the friendship feels unbalanced. But you’ve known them for a long time, you’ve got a lot of history together, and it would be outright

Do Dating Apps Work for Finding Friendships?

In a world of friend dating, I am a player. Before my experience on Bumble BFF, I never would have described myself this way, but I have come to realize I didn’t know myself as well as I once thought. Compared to other social apps, Bumble is a top contender.

5 Reasons It’s Awesome to Travel With Your Friends

The transition from youth into adulthood is a funny one. Bachelorette parties and bridal showers. Mortgages and baby strollers. A Facebook feed that reads like an emotional rollercoaster – one friend dropping captions like “wedding date for life”, another sharing images of her engagement ring from 12 different angles. Many