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15 Things You Should Always Say ‘Yes’ To

So many articles have been published about the importance of saying ‘no’ that we’ve seemingly forgotten how pleasant life can be when you apply an open mind a sprinkle of YOLO. We’re not talking about approaching every day with reckless abandon – but there certainly a few things we think you

The 10 Best Celebrity Work BFFs of All Time

We already gave you 9 Signs You’ve Found Your Work BFF. But in case that wasn’t enough inspiration, we’re back with a breakdown of the best work place friends to ever bond in film, fiction, and (gasp) real life. In fact, some have done it in more than one category.

The Good, the Bad, and the Awkward of ‘The Friend Set Up’

In our cities, single young professionals sometimes need all the help they can get. And no, we’re not just talking about Tinder. That’s why there always seems to be a friend or coworker who has “just the perfect match” for you. And that’s not always a good thing

7 Tips for Getting Rid of Facebook Friends Who Aren’t Actually Your Friends

Some of us have had Facebook for over 10 years now. That means we have accumulated a lot of “friends” that would be more appropriately labeled, “Some people we barely remember from a thing, who are still allowed to see our pictures and invite us to stuff.” So if you’re looking to do a little pre-spring friend-cleaning, here’s a good way to go about it