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New Study Shows Half of Your “Friends” Don’t Actually Like You

With friends like these who needs enemies? According to a recent study, the line between friend and foe is increasingly grey. Researchers from Tel Aviv University surveyed students from Israel, the U.S. and Europe and discovered that nearly 50 per cent of the people the participants called friends did not consider

10 Types of Odd Friendships You’re Probably a Part Of

Life is so easy when you’re five years old. Your best friend is probably the dude sitting next to you in kindergarten eating Play-Doh. But do you really still want to be friends with him now that you’re 30 years old and he thinks that Trump is just a bit

Study: Smart People Are Completely Content to Be Loners

Most people will probably be upset by the assertion that they have few friends. Unless you’re smart, that is. According to a study published last month in the British Journal of Psychology, individuals with higher IQs are completely fine with having just a couple of amigos on dial as opposed to a sprawling, unmanageable

There’s a Friends Pop-Up Café Coming to Toronto

Oh. My. God. This summer, Torontonians will have the opportunity to channel their inner Phoebe, Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler and Ross, as a Friends pop-up café will be opening downtown.  The Friends-inspired shop will attempt to recreate the show’s iconic coffee shop, ‘Central Perk’, and will be “meticulously detailed,” reads the replica café’s Facebook page. Torontonians and

Teleport: This App Will Pick Your Friends Up and Deliver Them to You

In this day and age, we like to have everything delivered to our doorstep. And fast. Pizza, wine, dry cleaning, books, weed – whatever it is, there’s probably an app out there that’ll make sure it finds its way into your hands. One thing’s been missing on-demand, though, and it’s pretty damn