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There Shall Be No More Gas-Powered Vehicles in B.C. by 2040

British Columbia is making a big push for a greener future. Last week the province introduced new legislation that seeks to phase out all gas-powered vehicles by 2040. The ambitious plan was first revealed last November, when Premier John Horgan announced that every car sold in the province will be zero-emission within

Every Car Sold in B.C. Will Be Zero-Emission by 2040

British Columbia is taking a hardcore green approach to the future of transportation. Premier John Horgan announced yesterday that the province will phase out all emission-generating vehicles by 2040. That’s right: every car sold just 22 years from now will be fuelled by electricity or hydrogen fuel cells. “If we want

We Fact Checked That B.C. Man’s Racist Tantrum and Here Are the Results

By now, you’ve probably seen the video of an Abbotsford, B.C. man who unleashed a racist tantrum against a Canadian of South Asian descent. It’s the kind of behaviour you’d expect at a Trump rally, not within our own borders. Here we have a man who at one point

This Viral Challenge Raised over 16,000 Pounds of Food in One Week

Move over Ice Bucket Challenge, there’s a new viral charity movement in town. It’s called the One Bag Challenge and it started in Kelowna, B.C. Summer time can be a hard for food banks as oftentimes, the demand exceeds donations. This inspired Kelowna Mayor to take action. He donated a

Sikh Man Uses Turban to Save Drowning Girl in B.C. River

Another day, another potentially life-saving turban. When it looked like a teenage girl from Kamloops, B.C. was going to succumb to a strong current, local farmer Avtar Hothi put his head(wear) to good use. Short of options, he took off his turban – which when unravelled extends to around three metres in