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Sikh Man Uses Turban to Save Drowning Girl in B.C. River

Another day, another potentially life-saving turban.

When it looked like a teenage girl from Kamloops, B.C. was going to succumb to a strong current, local farmer Avtar Hothi put his head(wear) to good use.

Short of options, he took off his turban – which when unravelled extends to around three metres in length – and threw one end in the water for the girl to grab onto.

“We were trying to look around for branches, and he just sprung to action, took off his turban right away, threw it in the water and pulled her to shore,” said the man’s son, Paul Hothi, who was also present.

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The girl was freezing from being in the cold North Thompson River and could have died either by drowning or from hypothermia.

“She was just in shock at the moment we pulled her out of the water. She was freezing basically,” said Hothi. “[We] quickly covered her up with a blanket to warm her up.”

Sikh men consider it inappropriate to show their hair in public, with one exception: matters of life and death.

Bravo, Mr. Hothi.


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