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These Are the 10 Best Places to Find Work in Canada

Job hunting is one of the least enviable pursuits of modern millennial life. Between a tough job market and employers’ requests for 3+ years experience for entry-level positions, finding employment is certainly no walk in the park – unless, of course, you live in Oshawa. BMO released their list of the

Survey: This Province Has Canada’s Worst Drivers

Citizens in every province probably like to believe that they’re dealing with the worst drivers in the country on a daily basis. Well, there’s finally some factual closure. A survey conducted by Insights West determined that Canadians believe drivers in British Columbia are by far the worst in the country. Not

Gay Couple Makes Canadian History with Navy Homecoming ‘First Kiss’

Two Canadian men made history this week when they shared their ‘first kiss’ in Victoria, B.C. Neither of the men are famous and they had already been in a committed relationship when it took place – in fact, it was all just thanks to the luck of the draw. Canadian navy soldier, Master Seaman

UBC Reveals 140-Square Foot ‘Nano’ Student Apartments

Studying for your undergrad is not just hard – it’s an expensive business. Tuition has to be paid for, and so too do expensive textbooks and groceries. But for many, the cold reality of ‘adult’ life is felt the hardest when it comes to paying rent – and if you