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Looking for work-life balance? You’ll have to leave Canada

Ah, work-life balance. The Millennial dream; a false promise of modern life.

That said, some cities do offer some semblance of it.

The health food chain Holland & Barrett recently conducted a study to determine where in the world citizens spend the fewest hours working. Turns out the four-day workweek isn’t just an abstract concept. Not in Europe, anyway.

According to the data, workers in Amsterdam spend just 30.41 hours in labour per week – the fewest of any of the 210 cities analyzed. Marseille comes in second, with 31.48 working hours per week. Third place goes to Alice Springs (31.82 hours/week), which makes sense since it’s in the absolute middle of Australia.

All other cities in the top 10 save for Auckland and London (thanks, Brexit) are European capital.

Last year, a different study ranked three Canadian cities among the best in the world for work-life balance.

The study also analyzed cities on other well-being factors. For example, here’s where to get the most sleep:

And the most s p a c e :

And the most sunlight:

Finally, here’s all of that information in much cooler form:

Christian Nathler

Christian Nathler is a contributing writer at Notable Life.