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This school turned green energy into higher teacher salaries

A school in Arkansas has managed to simultaneously tackle two pressing issues: low teacher pay and global warming. For years, Batesville High School struggled to make ends meet. Part of the problem was shelling out $600,000 annually for utilities. As a result, the school struggled to maintain competitive wages. Many

IKEA just doubled its buy-back offer for your used furniture

IKEA will buy back used furniture in order to meet its goal of becoming “a fully circular and climate positive business by 2030.” Started in October, the initiative is available to customers in 27 countries, including Canada. Ikea will pay up to half of the original price of an item

NDP wants costs of the pandemic to be paid by those who profited from it

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has pushed for a wealth tax in the House of Commons. The money generated from the tax will finance Canada’s pandemic recovery. Singh’s proposed tax will target the super-wealthy and those who profited massively during the pandemic. That includes anyone with a fortune exceeding $20 million.

Four Seasons Total Landscaping releases swag and Zoom background

Four Seasons Total Landscaping is the hottest enterprise in America. And possibly the world. It’s been more than a week since Donald Trump’s campaign brought the modest Philadelphia business to the world’s attention. In case you’re still in the dark: The details are so absurd that even a deadpan report