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Chapman’s Ice Cream makes $18/hour pandemic pay permanent

In mid-March, Chapman’s Ice Cream began paying employees an extra $2 an hour as the government introduced restrictions on non-essential businesses. Now, the family-owned business says it will make the pandemic pay raise permanent. That means the starting wage for employees is $18 per hour, which increases $18.50 after a

Canadian teens are consuming way less weed since legalization

When marijuana was legalized in October 2018, critics wondered, Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children??? Well, the children are fine. The teens, anyway. According to a study led by St. Thomas University criminology professor Michael Boudreau, Canadian teens are smoking considerably less marijuana these days. Before legalization, 20% of

Sikh men make turban rope to rescue Alberta girl from icy pond

There were a few scary minutes when two young teenage girls broke through the ice of a Calgary stormwater pond. Then, neighbours came to the rescue. The first responders included several Sikh men who unravelled their turbans and tied them together to form a rope. “In their Sikh faith it’s

Ontario senator proposes wage freeze for all federal politicians

Senator Lucie Moncion, who represents Ontario, wants to freeze pay hikes for Parliamentarians. Why? “To prevent the privileges that senators enjoy from becoming disconnected from the harsh economic reality facing many Canadians.” Solidarity, sister. “For people who hold public office, when you see people struggling around you it is hard

Provinces getting ready to roll out 5-minute COVID-19 tests

Two weeks ago, Canada received a shipment of 100,000 rapid tests. The tests can detect COVID-19 in less than 13 minutes and in as short as five minutes. They are administered via nasal swab. Yes, that’s the one where they stab your brain. Joking – kinda. It is now up