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IKEA just doubled its buy-back offer for your used furniture

IKEA will buy back used furniture in order to meet its goal of becoming “a fully circular and climate positive business by 2030.”

Started in October, the initiative is available to customers in 27 countries, including Canada. Ikea will pay up to half of the original price of an item depending on its condition. The only catch? You gotta schlepp it to an IKEA, fully assembled. You will then get a quote at the returns desk.

“As new” items, with no scratches, will get 50% of the original price; “very good” items, with minor scratches, will get 40%; and “well used”, with several scratches, will get 30%.

For a limited time, the deal is a whole lot sweeter for Canadians. From November 16th to December 2nd, you’ll get double the approved sell-back credit value on your gently used furniture. You can even send photos of it beforehand to get an online assessment.

If approved, IKEA will give your furniture a second-life by either repairing or refurbishing it. Anything that cannot be resold will be recycled.

A fantastic move for a company that has 50 new stores on the horizon in addition to the 445 locations it already has around the world.

Christian Nathler

Christian Nathler is a contributing writer at Notable Life.