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Falling Asleep on the Job? Why it May Not Be Such a Bad Thing

When you’re at work and that mid-afternoon wall hits, it can take almost everything in your power not to escape under your desk George Costanza-style for some much-needed Zs. But as we all know, napping on the job is not an option – so we turn to caffeine or a

New Research Shows Where Canada Ranks Among the World’s Sleep Patterns

We’ve all heard about the merits of a good night’s sleep in everything from improved cognitive function to anti-aging. A poor night’s sleep, on the other hand, has been blamed for bad diets to anxiety levels. New research from University of Michigan, however, found that cultural factors most influenced when

Employees Hilariously Photoshop Their CEO After He Falls Asleep at Work

You’ve probably fallen asleep at the office at one point or another. And whether you snoozed off for just a nanosecond or took a full-blown doze at your desk (like this sleepy intern), you no doubt did a quick look around after to check that your boss wasn’t in the vicinity.

This is What Elon Musk is Doing to Increase His Personal Productivity

For some companies, a “nap room” may be just the addition needed to increase employee productivity. Take it from Elon Musk. Yesterday, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO revealed that he’s been camping out in a conference room next to the company’s manufacturing area to ensure that his ambitious production target