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This Airplane Headrest Could Actually Let You Get Some Sleep On Your Flight

When it comes to millennials taking to the skies, let’s just say it’s not our first rodeo.

When we fly, we like to make sure that we’re fully prepared and armed with all our travel essentials. But somehow that travel pillow you take on every flight just never seems to cut it.

We wake up with a crick in the neck that leaves us sore for the rest of the flight, or we keep slipping down in our seats as gravity sends our sleepy heads careering into the aisle. Or worse – a stranger’s lap.

That’s why Dutch designer Manon Kühne has come up with a solution by creating a headrest that holds our noggins in place for the duration. Praise be for frequent flyers.

The pragmatically titled “HeadRest” has a hammock-style net design that catches and holds the head steady once the two folded wings are expanded.

The design came out on top of the 2016 Crystal Cabin Awards, which is the only international ceremony to celebrate the annual innovations of aircraft cabin products and concepts.

An added benefit of the HeadRest is that the wings form a small cocoon around your face when unfolded, acting as blinkers to give you a bit of privacy.

The group of students from the Delft University of Technology were awarded top honours in the University category, and we can only hope that airlines start putting the invention into production.

Given that pretty soon we may be stuck with the dreaded middle seat if we’re not willing to pay extra, this head rest that doubles as a shield from all the bizarre and gross activity going on in economy class really can’t come soon enough.


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