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The Must Have Mattress for City Dwelling Millennials

This article is sponsored by Casper. It’s official, more and more Canadian millennials are opting to live in Canada’s three largest metropolitan areas: Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. While living in a city has its definite pros, it’s not without its challenges. Smaller living quarters, higher rents and transit challenges are

Lacking in the Sleep Department? Eat these Five Food Items Before Bed

There are countless factors that affect the quality of our zzzs. From stress to a snoring partner, sometimes sleep just isn’t as blissful as it could be. But you could be making it a lot better for yourself by considering what you put in your body pre-PJ time. As the

University of Edinburgh Students Vote to Spend Over $66,000 on Nap Pods

Napping in between classes or during marathon library study sessions is about to get a little more comfy for students at the University of Edinburgh. This week, the students passed a motion to get four high-tech nap pods installed in their library. Many working millennials became privy to the idea

Getting One Less Hour of Sleep Can Double Your Crash Risk the Next Day

In everything from looking younger to feeling sharper in morning meetings, we’re all aware of the benefits of sleep by now. That doesn’t mean we do anything about it, though; most of us don’t get the recommended seven hours that we should. But, as CBC reports, a new study now