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A Chinese Surgeon Wants to Perform the World’s First Full Body Transplant

Recent medical advances offer plenty of hope when it comes to getting sick in the future. Last week, we told you about a groundbreaking advance in the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS). Now, a doctor in China has plans for a full-body transplant. Meaning: a whole new body for a head. Dr. Ren

This is How Long the Average Man Lasts in Bed

How long does the average man last in bed? That is the age-old question. Well, there’s a science-backed answer. Researchers wanted to study premature ejaculation and recruited 500 random heterosexual couples from The Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, the U.K., and the U.S. to track the duration of their sexual encounters using a timer

People With More Friends Have A Higher Tolerance for Pain

The more friends you have, the less pain you feel. A new Oxford University study examining social networks and endorphin levels has found that people with more friends have a higher pain tolerance. Lead by Katerina Johnson, a doctoral student in the university’s Department of Experimental Psychology, the study questioned whether

This New Device Will Let You Charge Your Phone Using an Ordinary House Plant

In what could be a major step towards a global energy revolution, European company Arkyne Technologies, has launched an ambitious energy saving project deemed “Bioo Lite,” a device that utilizes the energy of living house plants to charge smartphones or tablets. Bioo Lite uses the energy generated by photosynthesis. (For those who forget

Study Shows Your Genetics Impact When You Lose Your Virginity

Many people fail to consider a very important factor when there’s conversation about a person’s first time getting laid: that’s often a very deliberate decision, and not merely a question of opportunity. As it turns out, both depend heavily on genetics – if you hit your aesthetic prime in grade nine or,