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This New Device Will Let You Charge Your Phone Using an Ordinary House Plant

In what could be a major step towards a global energy revolution, European company Arkyne Technologies, has launched an ambitious energy saving project deemed “Bioo Lite,” a device that utilizes the energy of living house plants to charge smartphones or tablets.

Bioo Lite uses the energy generated by photosynthesis. (For those who forget eighth-grade science class, that’s the process when sunlight is used to turn CO2 and water into oxygen and organic compounds.) Bacteria in the plant pot then breaks up the compounds, releasing electrons that travel along nanowires. The resulting electricity powers a typical USB port, in which you can plug in your phone or tablet cable.

This system collects electricity 24-hours a day and can charge your smartphone or handheld device whenever you need it, creating the greenest and most efficient way to charge your device we’ve ever seen.

By using Bioo Lite you’re not only helping the environment by using plants as an energy source, you’ll also be reducing your daily electricity consumption.

Bioo Lite will only work while your plant is alive (obviously), so taking care of your little green friend is important. The design team also noted that pretty much all house plants will work, although some plants generate more power than others, with cactuses being the least beneficial option.

The Bioo Lite system is currently available on Indiegogo for $112. The company already surpassed its goal of raising nearly $17,000 and is estimated to begin shipping as early as December 2016.



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