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No Smoke and Mirrors: Canadian Cannabis Brand FIGR Offers Full Transparency

Since legalization, the cannabis craze has taken over the country, with the smell of cannabis becoming a familiar one in our home and native land.  While this may be the case, both the seasoned cannabis users and the canna-curious still have questions. Predominantly, they want to know precisely where their

2018 Year In Review

A look back at some of the biggest moments of 2018. GLOBAL NEWS 1. In Saudi Arabia women were finally given the right to drive. 2. Almost 30 million people tuned in to watch Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding. Meghan Markle also became the first biracial person to ever

Humans Have Killed 60% of the Earth’s Wildlife in Just 40 Years

Look, there are simply too many humans on earth. And as long as there are many humans, there will inevitably be fewer animals. Such is reality when there are seven and a half billion members of a species at the top of the food chain who can’t play nice with

Health Canada Gives Green Light for Cannabis-Infused Pet Food

Just as cannabis can have a positive effect on anxiety for humans, the same could be true for pets. Yesterday, Health Canada approved clinical trials of the effectiveness of cannabidiol as a treatment for anxiety in animals. Cannabidiol, often abbreviated as CBD, is derived from cannabis and is increasingly used