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New Study Suggests This is the Age You Reach Your Peak Popularity

If you can remember watching the Jays win the World Series, that’s not saying much for your popularity. [ad_bb1] ‘Cause as it turns out, at age 25, you’re already starting to go downhill – which means those Mean Girls really did have something to fight for. At 25 years old, people participate in

50 Shades: Scientists Discover Gene Linked to Grey Hair

Odds are you know a handful of people who had more than one or two grey hairs before the age of 30. Though grey hair is getting a better rep than it once had thanks to the widespread embrace and even sexualizing of grey hair in recent decades (in everyone

A Canadian Teen Might Have Solved the Spread of Disease on Airplanes

A Canadian teenager has apparently figured out one of the most off-putting things about air travel: how germs disseminate among passengers on planes. He also has a solution to stop it. First, 17-year-old Raymond Wang took home the winning $75,000 prize last spring at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his work

Afternoon Delight: This is the Best Time of Day to Have Sex

There’s a good reason why sex is usually better during the day, when you’re at home on a lazy weekend or on vacation. That’s because, scientifically, 3:00pm is the best time to have sex. Unfortunately, this is also the time when most of us are at work. As reported by