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No Smoke and Mirrors: Canadian Cannabis Brand FIGR Offers Full Transparency

Since legalization, the cannabis craze has taken over the country, with the smell of cannabis becoming a familiar one in our home and native land. 

While this may be the case, both the seasoned cannabis users and the canna-curious still have questions. Predominantly, they want to know precisely where their cannabis comes from and how legitimate a brand’s operations are. Like any savvy consumer, they want – and expect – transparency. 

Canadian cannabis company Figr has operations that leave few questions unanswered. Between the company’s Prince Edward Island and Ontario facilities, each plant is handpicked and tested to ensure quality and consistency.

Figr offers various lines of locally grown craft cannabis products that are available in dried flower, pre-rolls and oils. These products are available in-store and online in Nova Scotia (NSLC), Prince Edward Island (PEICMC) and New Brunswick (Cannabis NB), and just recently, in Ontario (OCS) – its first location outside of the East coast. It is also introducing its line of high-quality cannabis vape pods and cartridges and an accompanying proprietary device. 

Figr is able to provide its consumers with information on their cannabis products because of the one-of-a-kind traceability platform called SENTRISM. The system tracks Figr’s cannabis throughout its life cycle and supply chain journey to ensure consumers are receiving high-quality and reliable products (because the alternative is a pretty big buzz kill). 

Customers can enter the lot number found on their Figr packaging at, or use the Figr Budtender App, to see in-depth details about where, when and how their products were grown, exact THC/CBD levels, and terpene profiles, all powered bySENTRISM

Armed with that information, what consumers will quickly learn is that Figr grows cannabis with integrity and expert knowledge, and because of that, they have no problem being truly transparent with their consumers. The Figr team of farmers and scientists draw heavily on their past agricultural experiences while keeping an eye on the future to craft and refine their innovative hands-on, growing process. 

Fortunately, quality cannabis cravers can get excited as Figr plans to continue to expand and offer its fully trackable products across Canada. So, this is one brand to keep your eye on.

Article sponsored by Figr Brands, Inc.

Erin Davis

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