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#CaravanToCanada Travels 600 Miles From the U.S. for Cheaper Medicine

It’s no secret that Canada’s healthcare system boasts several advantages over that of our neighbours to the South. We only talk about it all the time to anyone who will listen. One of those advantages is significantly more affordable medicine. That’s why a group of Minnesotans travelled 600 miles to

Influencers Have Managed to Price Regular People Out of Celery

Celery is unequivocally terrible. Nevertheless, social media influencers and celebrities have been peddling these green water sticks to an indefensible degree over the past year or so. They claim that celery juice, which is essentially the same anti-inflammatory water found in most leafy greens, can cure everything from constipation to acne.

This is How Much the Price of Weed Has Jumped Since Legalization

Just over half a year into legalization, we can get a better picture of how Canada’s regulatory stance on marijuana has affected the industry. For example, how the price of pot has changed since October 17th, 2018. According to a recent report by Statistics Canada, the price of marijuana overall –

Damn it, Netflix Has Announced its Largest Price Increase Ever

Further proof that nothing in this world is sacred anymore, Netflix has announced it will increase the price of its streaming service pretty much immediately. The hiked rates will apply for new subscribers literally right now. Current subscribers will be notified of the increase by email over the next few

Marijuana Will Cost $10/Gram When it Becomes Legal Next Year

Unlike food, cannabis will remain affordable next year. The federal government has announced that legalized pot will cost $10 per gram when it becomes available to Canadians starting July 1, 2018. According to a statement released after a semiannual meeting of Canada’s finance ministers, this “will support the Government’s goals