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The Price of a Drug Prescribed to Infants in Canada Jumped 2000% Overnight

Not to be outdone by AIDS drug extortionist Martin Shkreli, a highly profitable Dublin-based pharmaceutical company enacted its own overnight price-gouging scheme when it raised the price of a drug from $33 to $680 a vile. The drug in question is Synacthen Depot, which is used to treat infants in Canada suffering from a rare

This Map Shows the Cheapest and Most Expensive Places In Toronto for Car Insurance

So, you’ve been weighing the pros and cons of living downtown vs. North of Bloor for months with price of rent top of mind. But have you given the price of car insurance the same consideration? Because you probably should…, which compares insurance, mortgages, and credit card rates, recently released

Loonie Dive Will Force Dollarama to Become the $4-rama by End of Next Year

Dollarama, its name for years only accurate on account of it being a store that sells goods for currency known as the dollar, may soon be forced to increase its current price threshold from $3 to as much as $4. Despite its second quarter results surpassing analyst expectations, Dollarama CEO Larry Rossy said he has