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The 10 green flags you should look out for on a first date

With the world opening again after a 20-month long hiatus, and with cuffing season around the corner many of us are looking to re-enter the dating game… but where do we start? Finding a long-term partner has become increasingly more complicated, what with endless red flags, situationships, ghosting, and bread-crumbing,

6 Reasons to Ditch your Current Dating App for the Inner Circle

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again — modern dating can be… well, complicated. Much like Netflix and Uber Eats, we tend to have a lot of choice at our fingertips. Not to say this is a bad thing; after all, we are a generation of career-driven millennials

The Best Dating Apps to Use This Summer

Now that it’s summer, it’s easier than ever to get out to a bar or an event in the city and meet someone. Despite that, we still have to deal with what Aziz Ansari called the “24/7 singles bar in your pocket”: dating apps. While dating websites have been around since

Here’s Exactly What You Need to Do to Get a Second Date

Ah, the elusive second date. Sometimes you got out for drinks with a prospective suitor, feel that unmistakable chemistry, but then, for some reason, they fall off the face of the earth and you never hear from them again. So, what gives? Fortunately, dating app Coffee Meets Bagel feels our

Tinder Now Lets You Judge Matches on the Most Important Criteria of All

Thanks to online dating, it’s becoming increasingly easier to judge a potential lover on the most insignificant of attributes. Wearing a backwards cap? Probably a douche or bald. Too many selfies? Total narcissist. Now, Tinder is giving you one more reason to swipe left (or right). The popular dating app