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Tinder Now Lets You Judge Matches on the Most Important Criteria of All

Thanks to online dating, it’s becoming increasingly easier to judge a potential lover on the most insignificant of attributes.

Wearing a backwards cap? Probably a douche or bald. Too many selfies? Total narcissist.

Now, Tinder is giving you one more reason to swipe left (or right).


The popular dating app is partnering with Spotify to allow users to sync the music streaming service to their profiles.

They’re doing it in two ways: you can select an “anthem” that will be presented on your profile as your favourite song. You can also display your top artists to be appraised by random suitors.

“Welcome to a completely new sensory experience on Tinder,” the app wrote on its blog.


While it might seem like just a fun partnership between two successful companies, research shown that music can play a huge role in attraction. A person’s taste in music can reveal a lot about a person’s values, which is one of the most important markers of compatibility.

Or at the very least you might be able to find a new concert buddy.

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