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Poll: Half of Canadians Don’t Believe in Marriage Anymore

Wedding planners, beware: your career could get a little more challenging in the near future. According to a recent poll by Angus Reid, less than half (47 per cent) of Canadians believe legal marriage is important for couples who want to spend the rest of their lives together. Predictably, support

Video: This is the Suit Experience Every Modern Groom Deserves

People talk about how busy they are all time. All the big decisions they’re making. And they believe it. And then you decide to get married and you realize you had no idea what busy was. You suddenly find yourself caring deeply about things you didn’t even know existed 10

This is What Happened When I Planned My Wedding in Under 2 Months

It’s pretty well established that getting married is a stressful, albeit wonderful time of your life. But one sure-fire way to make you feel less Zen about your upcoming nuptials is to plan a wedding in under two months. That’s what I’m doing – and no, I’m not completely crazy (at least

This Harry Potter Themed Wedding Was Absolutely Magical

Wedding season may be a once annual kind of a deal – but Harry Potter fandom is forever. Or so it was with this wizard-obsessed couple, whose Harry Potter themed wedding put every other super fan to shame. Sure, you’ve read the books and watched the films – maybe you’ve