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10 of the Best Places in the World to Take Your Honeymoon

With all the planning, the invites and the rehearsal schedules, in the months and weeks leading up to your wedding you may feel like you have two full time jobs. So, once the big day finally comes and goes, you and your new spouse deserve a relaxing honeymoon where you

9 Non-Cheesy Bachelorette Party Ideas (and Not a Male Stripper in Sight)

Getting married is super exciting. But planning for a wedding is a complex, confusing and often stressful endeavour that usually lasts well over a year. So your bachelorette party should be a welcome break from all the preparation and the chaos – a chance to relax, enjoy your friends’ company,

16 of the Best Places to Get Married in Calgary

The question has well and truly been popped, and after a resounding yes, you let all your friends and family in on the great news. Now all that’s left to do is spend months painstakingly planning all the intricate details of your big day… One of the biggest and most

21 First Thoughts Every Girl Has When Her Ex Gets Engaged

“Oh, didn’t you hear about your ex?” says your friend, casually, as if she’s just dropped a minor spoiler alert about Game of Thrones series six. “Yeah, he’s getting married. I thought everyone knew?” she continues, with all the subtlety and tact of a Kanye tweet. Your ex is moving on, so far