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Video: This is the Suit Experience Every Modern Groom Deserves

People talk about how busy they are all time. All the big decisions they’re making. And they believe it.

And then you decide to get married and you realize you had no idea what busy was.

You suddenly find yourself caring deeply about things you didn’t even know existed 10 minutes earlier. Dammit, yes, I’m sure I want fuchsia flowers not pink. No, that is not where the giant light-up bar sign goes. And on and on until you’re ranting about Instagram changing its logo cause you’d already made props for a photobooth based on the classic Instagram layout and icons…

Well, this isn’t me. This was not going to be me. I was going to take care of things properly. Especially the big things.

And after I’d had such a great time suiting up at Indochino’s Toronto Showroom last year, I knew where I was taking my wedding party to get done up right.

Normally, organizing five groomsmen (and one groomswoman) to get them into made-to-measure suits and shirts in time for the big day would be an enormous hassle. And that’s even when you love these people.

Well, check out how easy and fun it can be with Indochino.

Trust me, you’ll be thankful you saved so much time and energy on getting suited up. That way you can start focusing on bigger issues like should you use an ‘and’ or an ‘&’ on your invitations…


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