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Small Businesses You Can continue To Support During COVID-19

These strange times have hit the businesses in our local neighbourhoods, as social isolation restrictions have continued to tighten. Our community is filled with small, independent, locally owned and operated businesses. That’s what makes Toronto so special, but it is also what makes us particularly vulnerable at times like these. 

Guy You’ve Never Heard of Buys Home for Amount You Could Never Imagine

You ever heard of a guy named Ken Griffin? No, not Ken Griffey, the greatest slugger to ever appear in Tony La Russa Ultimate Baseball for Windows. Ken Griffin is the 45th-richest person in the world. Wikipedia tells me he’s an investor, hedge fund manager, and founder and CEO of the global

You Can Win This Beautiful Alberta Lakefront Home for Just $25 and a Letter

“Write a Letter, Win a House.” (And send $25). That’s the simple premise of Alla Wagner’s effort to find a new owner for her beautiful lakefront home in Millarville, Alberta. The house’s market value is $1.7 million. The market is exactly what Wagner would rather avoid. “We love our home and would

This Is How You Decorate on a Budget in Montreal

Lately, there has been a serious upswing in the popularity of interior decor. Ever since Zara Home blessed Canada with its presence a few years ago, it seems as though home accessory stores have been popping up all over the place. I experience home/office envy on the daily as I

5 Things Every Urban Neighbourhood Needs to Feel Like ‘Home’

For many city dwellers, finding the perfect place means you might need to take your housing search skyward. But there’s no need to be afraid of heights – condos can sometimes get a bad rap, but many developers carefully consider the dynamics and location of an urban neighbourhood when trying