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This Is How You Decorate on a Budget in Montreal

Lately, there has been a serious upswing in the popularity of interior decor.

Ever since Zara Home blessed Canada with its presence a few years ago, it seems as though home accessory stores have been popping up all over the place. I experience home/office envy on the daily as I scroll through Instagram and admire photo after photo of stunning spaces.

We all want to have a visually appealing aesthetic and oftentimes, I can’t help but feel that not only do I need the coolest shoes, I now need the coolest home furnishings too.

The only problem that arises with trying to keep up with the latest and greatest #interiorinspo is that it can get expensive. So here are three easy and affordable ideas to decorate on a budget.

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1. Always add art.
Although I would love to have an oversized Gray Malin original on my wall, art can, in fact, be inexpensive and still look good. My favorite place to find unique and fun pieces is Indigo. They have a wide selection of prints in different sizes ranging from $15 – $100. If you want to up your art game a little further, check out Citizen Atelier, an online art gallery based in Montreal. Their website alone will give you great inspiration and you will surely checkout with at least one piece.

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2. Invest in greenery
Plants are an instant uplift to any room. Not only do they add color, they can also aid in the air quality of your home. My green suggestion would be cacti. They look good, no one will ever touch it, and they truly are the easiest to care for. You can find a pre-potted cactus at almost any small home accessory store on The Main (my favorites are Boutique Vestibule and VdeV). If you want to really save, go to a Home Depot where you can buy both the cactus plant and a Terra Cotta pot for under $20.

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3. Candles, Pillows, Throws, Rugs
These trimmings will make your space feel homey and can also be used to add texture to your furnishings. Toss a fur throw on the couch, a velvet pillow on a chair, a woven rug in the entrance way and candles everywhere and anywhere. The best part is you can work these accessories into any budget; check out the new H&M Home or HomeSense for the best prices. If you want to splurge a little, my preferred store to indulge in is West Elm (especially for candles).

When shopping on a budget, the one rule to keep in mind is to stay classic. Don’t purchase anything too trendy that will lose its value shortly and make sure your investments are something you truly love and will work with your decor as it grows.

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Megan Autumn

Megan is a creative being and footwear enthusiast within the fashion world of Montreal. Mildly obsessed with dogs (mostly her pug), Drake, cacti and PB. She's not a nice morning person until caffeinated, can get hangry, and generally prefers staying home. She is currently taking baby steps towards her life goals of retirement as a writer.