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Strongbody Apparel Offers a New Take on Activewear

A new local company is ready to make their mark creating conscious clothing for stylish yogis and runners. Strongbody Apparel is making the argument that their brand is the one to put your booty in – and they’re putting it all on the line with a new Kickstarter project

Come 5pm in Vancouver, a spin class and smoothie are almost as likely to be on the agenda as a gin and tonic. 

So not surprisingly, an abundance of activewear brands are popping up to meet the demands of our health-conscious city. The latest, Vancouver local Strongbody Apparel, has a new Kickstarter project on the go and seems to be offering something for anyone who wants their workout gear to push itself as hard as they do. 

1. Style
Construction, fit, and subtle details make their pieces slightly more appropriate to transition from running on the treadmill to running morning errands.

2. Smart Fabrics
Strongbody materials have antibacterial nanotechnology to prevent odors, chafe-free seams, built-in ventilation, moisture wicking, and wrinkle-free technology. Can your current favourite workout tee boast all that?

3. Living Local
Every piece is designed and made in Vancouver.

4. An Entrepreneurial Love Story
Founders Quincy Samyica and Meghan Conyers started out as high school sweethearts before launching a business venture 10 years later. Both used their passion and know-how as personal trainers to design activewear that they could sweat behind. 


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Mitchell Fawcett