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Someone Re-Wrote the Entire Bible Using Emojis

The Bible is one of the most translated texts in the world. One language was missing, however: emoji.

Which is why it comes as no surprise that the Bible has now been adapted for tech-savvy millennials.

The newest translation is very different from what we were taught in Sunday school, complete with plenty of graphics and popular internet terms.

The “Bible Emoji: Scripture 4 Millenials” was released earlier this week and consists of all 66 books of the King James Version. And for $2.99, it’s really a great deal for 3,282 pages of content.


“I think if we were to fast forward 100 years, an ‘emoji’ Bible of some kind would exist, so I thought, ‘Why not try and make it?’,” said the creator, who wants to remain anonymous. “The Bible more than any other book has a really rich history of translation. I think that’s one of the beautiful things about emojis, and I think one of the goals of using them was to point out, in the Bible, God’s love is for everyone, not select people.”

And on the eighth day, God made the “Smiling Face with Halo and Prayer Hands.”


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