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#NotableYoungPros: Mindfulness Mentor Vince Luciani

It is far from uncommon for individuals sometimes to feel lost, especially those who have focused their entire existence and careers around one thing, such as athletes. It can be challenging to know which way to turn or realize what internally drives us instead of defining our identities by profession.

Enter Vince Luciani. Vince is the founder of Legacy Coaching. He assists individuals in finding their self-awareness, setting their personal goals, and giving them the tools and exercises to achieve inner happiness and fulfilment. We sat down with Vince to talk about how he got started, what motivates him, and why he loves what he does.  

What is Legacy Coaching?
It’s mindful mental training. We help people understand who they are beyond what they do. We do it through guided written exercises. We help people define their own answers to life’s big questions.   

The best piece of advise I have ever received…
When you let go of what others want for you, what you really want will find you.

Someone I look up to is…
My mom, she is also an author, a speaker, storyteller.  

How did you get started in this? What lead you here?
I went through my own identity crisis. After playing in college, then coaching college and then the pros, I got hired at lululemon. My manager sat me down and asked, “Vince, who are you?” and I said, “I’m a football coach.” She said, “No. That’s what you DO. Who are you?” I actually broke down in tears because I had no idea who I was. I let what I did define who I was for 27-years. Going through that crisis, I realized that, if I was only learning that then, all these athletes never learned that lesson throughout their life. So I created my own curriculum and programming and started working with pro athletes and kids. It just sort of happened, and here I am.    

What type of Notable are you? Are you a creator, an entrepreneur, or a professional?
I am an entrepreneur, but also a creator. My creations are not the kind you can see per se, but what I do is I create modules. With a mindfulness approach, I get people to simplify their lives by increasing their self-awareness. I am good at creating content in the backend.

Do you focus mostly on athletes?
I work with literally everyone. The intention was with athletes, but I’ve realized that everybody goes through the same transitions. Identity is just a vehicle to access love. What I do is teach people that the love we are seeking so desperately, I show them to direct it inwards because you’re actually within complete control on the inside.         

Why do you love your job? What sort of cool things do you get to do?
The amount of possibility, I wake up, and I have no idea what my coaching call is going to be like, what my keynote is going to be like, I leave a lot of freedom. I get really excited to see, especially with kids, the switch turn in their head of thinking inside out rather than outside in. I was in a really dark place when I was younger. I had ADD, depression, anxiety, learning disabilities. I felt really isolated. So what I do is I create a space for people to express themselves, and that really excites me. You get to see people who have never expressed themselves really stand in it and feel good about it.

What do you want to be known for?
Helping people love who they are. Creating space for them to look at themselves in the mirror. I want others to recognize themselves. My whole belief is allowing people to access their truth. If I’m the person who sparks that, I would feel really good about it.

Looking back, are there moments that clearly stand out in your life as defining moments that have led you to this point?
I had a sneaker business in high school. I sold Jordans and Nikes out of my locker. I connected with people, I helped them, I was resourceful. I still do all those exact same things with coaching. It just looks different. Seeing the entrepreneurial spirit in different ways led me to this moment. Another defining moment is that I had a big goal to be an NCAA football coach, and I did everything to make it happen, and I was able to go down and do it for two years. It was one of those things when you set a big goal for yourself, you make it happen, and you feel really good about it. Then it was like, “Okay. I did it, this is what I wanted, and it’s not right for me. So I’m going to move forward.” Those are the kind of moments that shaped me.            


What would you consider your biggest accomplishment to date?
A couple of weeks ago, I got a seven-year-old to define his life’s purpose. It was emotional and beautiful. It was his answer and it was so real. To me, that’s a milestone, that’s why I do what I do.

Describe a moment where you knew that you had made it.
When I first founded my business, someone sent me an article about Tom Brady’s life coach. His name is Greg Harden. I looked up his information and found that he worked at the University of Michigan. I knew someone that played at Michigan, reached out to him, and he gave me his phone number. I called him and asked, “hey, can I have fifteen minutes of your time to pick your brain?” I told him I would drive to Michigan for fifteen minutes of his time. He said I could have two hours if I took him to lunch. It was funny because there was a moment where he realized that I do just what he does and he was like, “YOU are good.” He looked at my website and testimonials and said, “You get it. You understand it.” To hear someone who is one of the best in the world tell me that I get it, gave me confirmation that I need to be doing what I’m doing. I realized that if you let your heart lead you, it takes you where you’re supposed to go. I feel like I “make it” every day.

What parts of your personality, skills, or approach have helped your career?
The number one thing is the ability to be myself when I am speaking, facilitating or coaching. I can joke around, be serious, and create that space for people. I learned that what I give to myself is what I give to everybody I facilitate for. The skill of loving myself and being confident in who I am, and allowing other people to feel the same thing.               

What is one piece of advice that changed everything for you?
You are not what you do.

What’s the next challenge or project you’re tackling?
This December we are launching a subscription-based program on It’s a 52-week journey where you will be emailed a unique mindful mental training exercise every week for a year.

You can connect and find out more about Vince and Legacy Coaching on Instagram, @thelegacycoaching, Twitter, @legacy_coaching, and Facebook, The Legacy Coaching.




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