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Nope, Tinder’s New Feature Definitely Isn’t About Planning Orgies

Tinder not only hooks you up with romantic interests – whether that means a one-night-stand or a life partner – but a new social circle as well.

It now allows people to go on group dates. And it has nothing to do with orgies either. We’re pretty sure.

It’s new feature – aptly named Tinder Social – lets users create groups, meet new prospective friends, and plan both wild nights out and tamer group activities with strangers.

The feature launched today in the U.S., U.K. and India. We suspect it won’t take long before it makes its way to Canada.

To use the feature, users need to update to the latest version of Tinder. Once you do, a tab will appear asking you if you’d like to unlock Tinder Social. You can also go to your settings tab to turn it on.


If you’re in the mood to go out but your usual squad is taking it easy, Tinder will ask you to invite one of your friends on Tinder Social.

Once you’ve invited your friends, you can then start swiping left or right on individuals or groups looking to go out until you find your best offer. Here’s where the potential for hurt feelings comes into play.

Hurt feelings aren’t the only potential pitfall, though.

When the feature test-launched in Australia in April, it quickly came under fire over privacy concerns related to exposing Tinder users to their Facebook friends.

Users must unlock Tinder Social by opting into the feature. Doing so will display a list of Facebook friends (who have also unlocked Tinder Social) to choose from to add to their group.

Meaning, if you want to keep your use of the app on the down-low, you may want to look for friends in other places.

Whether it manages to replace good, old-fashioned Facebook groups or invites remains to be seen.


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