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LinkedIn Just Made it Way Easier to Secretly Search for a New Job

Thanks to LinkedIn, you can now breathe a little easier about looking for a new job while you’re still at your current one.

The company is rolling out a new feature that lets you inform recruiters that you’re interested in changing jobs without tipping off your boss.

Opting into the new ‘Open Candidate’ feature allows recruiters to see that you’re interested in potential opportunities.

As this happens, LinkedIn will do its best to block your information from popping up to recruiters at your company or its affiliates.


After you opt in, you can choose job specifics (need a little inspiration?) like what city you’d like to work in and write a short message to potential recruiters.

Note the “try its best” above: though the company puts its best effort in hiding your information from recruiters affiliated with your company, they can’t guarantee that it won’t be seen.

So, basically, proceed with caution.

Dan Shapero, director of product management for LinkedIn Careers says that early testing of the new feature has been an overall success.

He said that “open candidates” are more likely to be contacted by recruiters and recruiters are more likely to hear back from them, Mashable reports.

The new feature is available to all LinkedIn users and can be activated in the preferences section of your account. Though the change isn’t revolutionary, it may be that kick in the butt you need to finally find a new job.

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