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HOT DOCS AT HOME ON CBC for Free – Who Doesn’t Love Free Right Now?

Pre “virus-that-will-not-be-named” era, people engaged in high-risk activity.

Simple daily activities such as dating even. Perhaps going to catch a film on a Friday evening with a friend or even (gasp) groups of friends. 

Well for the time being the coronavirus – not to be confused with an ice-cold Corona, although what a time to be alive for their PR team, has forced many of us to remain safe and indoors. Working, eating, cooking and even dating at a very “social distance”. Now while the meme game has been on point, streaming services have been forced to up their game and push out new and beloved titles to quench the thirst of the pandemic indoor lifestyle. 

Maybe if you’re like me you have gone as far as moving your large flat screen into your bedroom, which also means -the germaphobe in me shrieks- often food makes its way into my room. Often, even my bed. On towels at least, but still. 

Luckily we live in the golden era of television with streaming services aplenty. While you may be getting tired of the traditional streaming services – rewatching friends for the 5th time – enter CBC GEM hosting “Hot Docs at Home” to swoop in and save the streaming day. 

While you may not be able to make it out to the Ted Rodgers Cinema, home of Hot Docs, you can stream straight to your couch. Couch, bed, pillow fort… what have you, at this stage of social distancing. 

HOT DOCS AT HOME ON CBC from the comfort of your own couch, for FREE? 

Some titles which you won’t need to pull down your mask to insert popcorn to watch include…

In the mood for a deep dive into the future of food sustainability?

Try watching Meat the Future

Innovation of creating real meat without the slaughter of animals? Get educated on the concepts of cell-based meat, the future of food science. 

Sucker for reality TV titles like Botched with a humanizing twist?

Try watching They Call Me Dr. Miami

Face and body-altering filters are all the rage in our self-image obsessed society – enter Dr. Michael Salzhauer – also known as Dr. Miami to his millions of snap-chat devotees. High profile plastic surgeon by day, and Orthodox Jewish husband and father of five by night.

In the mood to reminisce and shed a few tears?

Try watching Take Me To Prom

Tell a story of social change over seven decades, Take Me To Prom, invites its audience to revisit iconic adolescent milestones over 70 years through the lense of queer youth. Ages 17-88 share their true, intimate, sometimes heartbreaking and rebellious stories of this social right of passage. 

Now more than ever, with many of our favorite local haunts closing permanently due to distancing mandates, we can step up and support local and Canadian content like HOT DOCS AT HOME ON CBC on CBC Gem. 

Order in takeout from your favorite local spot and take advantage of being part of the HOT DOCS straight from your own home. Titles and topics ranging from diverse, deep and complex titles, to feel good and lighter documentaries, no matter where your tastes lie, there is sure to be something to engage even the most astute social distancing movie critic.

For a full list of films and soon-to-be-added (CBC in partnership with Hot Docs) at-home audience experience with interactive, livestreamed Q&As with filmmakers and other original digital content visit

Brittany Johnson

Brittany is a Toronto based freelance writer, avid traveller, sheet mask hoarder and Nora Ephron enthusiast.