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Finally, a lottery winner you can get stoked about

I’ll say it: I don’t get stoked when I hear about someone winning a bunch of money through the lottery. This time, however, I felt a little more warmly.

OLG, the corporation that oversees Ontario’s gambling scene, recently provided some details about a winning ticket back in February.

The winners were a group of 14 scientists who, at the time, probably led very different lives than they do now. And it has nothing to do with the cash.

“The group of 14 scientific researchers have been playing the lottery together for almost four years. Currently they are actively involved in COVID-19 research with a Canadian university,” OLG said in a news release.

Nice! If anyone deserves a little lucky money, it’s those who are working to eradicate the biggest pandemic in a century. (Side note: frontline workers should be paid more).

“I had a text and a call from my boss and was worried something was wrong at work,” said Rahul Vohra, who is one of the 14 winners. “Then the call came in from our group leader, John [Maione], and then the other members. We didn’t get a lot of work accomplished that day!”

$1 million split between 14 people, by the way, is $71,428 each.

The group members are:

  •  Rahul Vohra of Kanata
  •  John Maione of Ottawa
  •  Adrian Culf of Ottawa
  •  Andrzej Wozniak of Ottawa
  •  Chuda Lohani of Nepean
  •  Feng Yan of Orleans
  •  Ghazar Aharonian of Orleans
  •  Hassan Asadollahi Kalviri of Ottawa
  •  Hui Liu of Gatineau
  •  Kenneth Clark of Ottawa
  •  Oscar Rebollo Andres of Kanata
  •  Remmick So of Nepean
  •  Sorin Gustin of Gatineau
  •  Zhonghong Gan of Nepean

The winning ticket was purchased at Petro Canada on Montreal Road in Gloucester. 

Christian Nathler

Christian Nathler is a contributing writer at Notable Life.